the dark escape story

The Mission:  The Dark Escape was created to be a global resource to help expose & escape the strongholds of darkness through Jesus Christ. 

What is a Dark Escape event like? Our free nationwide events may include videos, speaking, testimonies, music, drama teams, free resources, fellowship, and connection with local organizations to help further your journey to freedom after the event is over.  It’s an atmosphere of celebration and genuine transparency, and because of that, unforgettable life changing moments happen.

about- why?

The Dark Escape came from a need to revive broken hearts wrestling the strongholds of darkness... People were masking their battles for fear of being silenced and shamed, so they suffered alone...sadly, many did not make it out alive.  When people very close to me began contending with severe depression, cutting, drugs, alcohol, addictions, and suicide, I knew I had to fight with them. I wanted to give hope when all seemed lost, & to help them escape death's crushing grip. My soul was heavy & I began to pursue God for answers. That’s when he gave me a vision of The Dark Escape: a place where people could come and let go of the heavy burdens of life & step into a place of hope...a place without fear...without judgement, a place of deliverance, freedom & celebration! However, I knew I could not tackle this alone. In 2014, I began researching suicide & related issues & found a website "" & saw that the founder Chad Daniel, was someone who could deeply relate to this vision. His father had tragically ended his own life, so he was no stranger to the pain suicide leaves behind. He was already traveling around the world doing Life events, so I took a step of faith and reached out to him. I called him up not knowing what to expect, but to my surprise, he answered the call.  Since then, it’s taken nearly 5 years for doors to begin opening for The Dark Escape. Nobody wanted to talk about self-destructive issues- especially suicide, but today the subjects are so prominent that people are beginning to hear the wake up call.

So here we are...the time has come for the darkness to be driven out and exposed for the lies that come with it. Light is here and we are shaking the darkness by faith, fighting a war for souls - Not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord. We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. - Jme Medina

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